Blame It on New York – Introduction

This post is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, businesses, organisations, places, events, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

New York



He is part of a six-man team in an independent new media production company.  Simply put, he makes videos for a living.  Videos that make people laugh, that make people cry, that make people laugh and cry.  He makes comedies, parodies, MTVs and love stories.

He likes photography, doodling, llamas, orange jello, ironman, and awkward laughs.

He had doubts about love because he had no idea what it really was.  He thought love came in the form of Sally Mason in fourth grade.  She was a year older, had big blue eyes and a red bow that held her long golden curls in place.  She made him feel good because all the guys in school looked up to him for getting Sally Mason.  But he wasn’t sure that he loved Sally Mason.  Sally Mason was as sticky as date pudding and he never got a breather, not even when he was catching some frisbee with the other boys.  The day he told Sally Mason that he wanted to be alone, she kicked up such a fuss that he vowed never again to object when his homeroom teacher made the boys stand on the left and the girls on the right.

Then there was Carrie Mae in seventh grade.  He thought it was love because she made his heart pound whenever she came near.  It wasn’t till he overheard the guys in the locker room commenting about her ass and boobs did he realize that it wasn’t love but lust.

In tenth grade, he made his first home run with Christie Kim and he thought it was love, until she told him that she wanted three kids and a home with a swing and rose bushes.  He thought through it for three days and realized that all he wanted was to keep on doodling for the day.  His life plans should not have to go beyond today.  When he told that to Christie Kim, she stamped her feet, did this freaky shrill, pulled on her hair and called him a jerk, all at the same time.  He gave a half shrug as his buddies looked on and he told himself that love was a man-made emotion invented by florists and greeting card companies.



She is part of a 30-man crew that works on fashion shows. The company that she works for organises fashion shows around the world and she is now working on the show in Los Angeles.  Twice a year in spring and fall, her life would be turned upside down.  Endless days and sleepless nights would become her life the two months prior to spring and fall, all in the name of fashion.

She likes organizing things, giraffes, mismatched earrings, fairy tales, USB drives and quirky smiles.

She has doubts about love.  She doubts that love exists in this world because we are all superficial beings.  She doubts that love exists beyond the passionate first three months and anything after that is merely the comfort felt by both parties in being together but that status can change anytime.  She doubts that anyone would want to grow old with her because they’d change their minds about her when she became fatter, older, and had lines on her eyes and forehead.  She has doubts about love but mostly because she has doubts about herself.

She had always been alone before her college days because she doubted anyone really understood her.  She had always felt like a fish out of water, like the only M&M’s in a bowl of jelly beans, awkward and out of place.  She had always felt different from her peers but it wasn’t until she was much older did she conclude that her awkwardness had been due to the fact that she had always been a lot more mature than all of them combined.  She was an old woman at heart.

In her second year in college, at her job as a bartender along Santa Monica Beach, she had a fling with Oliver Sun.  Oliver was a banker from New York.  Oliver was on a company sponsored trip for his job well done in bringing in 40% of his team’s investments despite being a rookie.  Oliver was tall, tan, suave and interested in her.  They had spent all six nights of his trip together.  She had thought this was love until he disappeared one morning without leaving a note.

In her first year on the job doing fashion shows, she met Edward Park, an Asian American actor / model based in Taiwan, during the spring / summer show.  They had met because Edward’s manager, Annie, had been kicking up a huge fuss over the hotel having booked her in a room one floor lower than Edward’s.  Annie was driving all her other colleagues insane and she was ultimately tasked to handle the situation.  While the bellboy was helping Annie move, she had a brief moment with Edward when he stood at his door watching Annie, the bellboy and Annie’s ten hot pink suitcases fumble clumsily into the room opposite his in amusement.  Edward had put his big, warm hand on her shoulder to stop her from being part of the circus act, that was Annie and her suitcases, and she felt a surge of energy shoot though her entire body, leaving her motionless, as if the world had stopped spinning for those few moments.  The next fall, she crossed paths with Edward Park again when he opened his room door just as she was slipping his assignment schedule under his door.  The timing was so perfect that she wondered if it truly was a coincidence at all.  Their eyes had locked; his strong pair of arms had easily pulled her into his room and so began their unspoken relationship.  For the next spring and fall, Edward and she spent the few hours that she could spare each night locked in each other’s embrace.  She thought this was love.

However, the last night of the fall show that Edward and she spent together, Edward told her that he had had enough of casual flings. Ironically, they still spent that night together but before the crack of dawn, she left his room, headed back to office, and asked for a transfer to New York.

Her first days in New York were spent during the harshest of winter.  The heater in her apartment had broken down and the gap in the window had been too wide to hide.  She tried leaving a gap at her main door, hoping that the warmth from the corridor would at least tide her through the night.  On her third night sleeping with the gap in the door, Colin Phil peeked in and so began their brief acquaintance.  Little did she realise that her life would change forever with Colin.


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