on the matter of me

Twinings Earl Grey Teaardent tea lover.  die-hard earl grey fan.  lives by the motto ‘nothing a cup of tea can’t solve, and make that an earl grey tea!’

enjoys reading, watching chick flicks and old skool kungfu movies, eating, travelling, idling, and am a closet computer geek.

the decision to place thoughts on the web started after a random day at work on a stormy tuesday evening when bosses were mean and colleagues became too sensitive for their own good.  affairs of the world then struck at the same time as when the lightning did and the roar of thunder cheered these thoughts on.  thus started this that spurs negative angsty emotions into thought-provoking opinions through flowery words and aerie-faerie phrases with a touch of tangy citrus flavours of bergamot here and there.

once again, tea is liquid wisdom, so grab a cuppa (and make sure it’s nothing but earl grey), immerse in this whimsical fantasy world of mine and gulp down all that wisdom!



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