Free Cloud Storage!!! And This is Not an Advertorial!

In case you were wondering, no, this is not a promotional gimmick just to make you read this post.  I am really offering you free cloud storage.  5gb of free cloud storage to be exact.  FOR REAL!!  And for you low tech fashionistas out there, 5gb of storage space can store an entire season of Game of Thrones, in high definition.  Which is like a lot!

So for those of you who are way too cool to read more than three paragraphs of anything, please just go ahead to click on the link below to register for your free cloud storage!!

Click Here!

You MUST click on the link above and remember to download the app on your desktop / smartphone / tablet, otherwise you will not be receiving this extra 5gb of free storage space.

Now, for those of you who actually bother to continue reading, you are in for a treat because well, good things come to those who wait.  Haha!  Ok fine, I will be showing you how you can get even more free storage on your own!



So, I have been a user of dropbox for the last five years at least and the best thing about dropbox for me is that I can have a folder of my own on my desktop and use it like any other folder on my laptop.  So all I have to do is copy / paste, drag documents and files, or however awesome method you may have of moving things around your computer, into my dropbox folder and voila, everything in my dropbox folder will be automatically uploaded online or into the clouds and I will be able to access it from anywhere with internet.  Dropbox was a life-saver!

You probably realized that I used past tense to describe Dropbox as a life-saver because yes, it no longer is.  Why, oh why, you may ask.  Well, it is because Dropbox gives you a measly 2.5gb to start with and it takes a whole lot of trouble to earn bonus storage from Dropbox.  And because I am such a hoarder when it comes to my soft copy documents, I was having a lot of problems juggling my online and offline storage spaces which led me to explore other cloud storage options.

I discovered about a year ago. attracted me because of the 10gb of storage space that they started you with.  And here comes the big but – only allows files and documents of a maximum 250mb to be uploaded (for their free account), and there is no way of having a folder added to your desktop like Dropbox does.  Still, my relationship with lasted for a year because of the 10gb.

With, each time that I needed to open a document that I uploaded into, I had to download it, work on it and then upload it back online.  For documents that were more than 1mb, it was pure craziness to have to wait for the download / upload and go through all that hassle, plus I ended up having way too many similar documents downloaded into my hard drive which added to my offline storage spaces as well as me losing track of which were the ones that I have already uploaded back online and which I had not.

So after a year, I went in search again of someone new and I found Copy, my one true love!  For now.


As I mentioned, I was attracted to Dropbox because it provided me with a folder to use like a normal folder on my desktop, so that was one of the main things that I was looking for in a new cloud storage app.  And that new cloud storage app was Copy!!

Copy is all that Dropbox had to offer plus it started users with a whopping 15gb of storage space!  Like I said, size matters!

Copy also has an uber generous bonus storage program that allows you to earn an additional 5gb of cloud storage space from each successful referral that you make.  So this is how I give out my free 5gb of cloud storage.

Click Here!

In addition, Copy also has this function known as fair storage that distributes the amount of space in a shared folder among all participants of this shared folder, unlike Dropbox that penalizes the user who uploaded the files or documents in a shared folder by ‘charging’ the storage space to that user.



So now comes the fun part, earning bonus storage!

Being a sucker for all things free, I was bent on getting as much free storage as possible and below is a list of things that you can do to earn more storage or to maximize whatever storage you have.

WARNING: You should stop reading if you are an employee, owner, founder, shareholder of Copy as methods contained in the following paragraphs may not be condoned by you.

1. Share Your Link

So each user has a unique link that you can share with others (via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, etc) so that whoever clicks on your link, registers for a Copy account, downloads the Copy app and logs on to their account through the app will earn both users an additional 5gb (on top of their 15gb) of storage space.

My link is: (in case you were wondering).

2. Write a Blog Post

Or like me and many others out there, you can write a blog post with your link pasted everywhere in the hopes of earning free storage!  So what are you waiting for, click on my link below now!!

Click Here!

From my research online, there have been other users who have earned themselves thousands of gigs from doing this.  Hence, please applaud me (or not condemn me) because I have just shared this trade secret with you.

3. Open Numerous Copy Accounts

Being the modern tech savvy people that we all are, we probably each have at least a smartphone and laptop or more.  The trick is to open your first account then inviting yourself (with another email address) before downloading and logging into your Copy account with this second email address on your second device.  Repeat for all other devices.

I am not going to elaborate more on this method as some may deem it unethical.  So you get it if you get it.  :)

I made the mistake of downloading the app on two of my other devices before embarking on method 3 which rendered it useless as Copy is smart and gives out its bonus storage only for unique devices.  So too bad if you have already done what I have.

Like I said, good things come to those who wait!

And once again:

Click Here!

Happy Copy-ing!



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