Blame It on New York – Chapter 05.

This post is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, businesses, organisations, places, events, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.



Their bodies were locked in a tight embrace, the sheets hardly covered her curves and his muscles but they did not feel cold.  Even though the temperature outside must be at least thirty degrees, it was still warm and toasty inside from all the passion and heat that had taken place earlier on.

Vibrations from a mobile phone disturbed the peace in the room.  Sam stirred from the disturbance and ignored it thinking that it may just be her work email ringing with Christmas greetings from colleagues and suppliers.  But the vibrations were insistent and Sam realised that it may be a phone call.  She fumbled on the bedside table for her phone.  The weight of Wes’ arm on her breasts hindered her from moving much but she didn’t want to wake him.  He looked so peaceful and cute with his mouth slightly open and his hair tousled over his brows.

She finally found her phone and picked it up without looking at the caller id but before she could say ‘hello’ or yell at the person who was calling her at 3am, a high-pitched, whiny voice sounded on the other end of the line.

‘Wes-seyyyyyyyyyy, where have you been?  My friends have been asking me where my boyfriend is.  So where are you?  Stupid Ty kept telling me to wait, saying that you were going to give me a HUGE surprise but the part-ay’s ending soon and they’re going to take down the mistletoe too.  I’m aching for you.  Where are you?’

Sam sat up with a start.  Wes stirred but did not wake.  She could not listen anymore and cut the line.  She had picked up Wes’ phone by mistake.  Boyfriend?!  She knew it!  This whole thing had been a lie.  He had been attached this whole time yet he still slept with her.  She slapped herself mentally, angry at letting her emotions take over her head.  She knew her suspicions all along were valid.  Wes was such a great guy all round so how could he not be attached already.  Sam felt a pang in her heart and a deep sense of betrayal.  Her heart ached and it felt worse than being hit by Colin Phil.

Wes’ phone vibrated again.  Jennessa flashed repeatedly on his screen.  Tears flooded her eyes but she wiped them away with the back of her hand.  She could not stay with him any longer, she really should not.  She looked at him longingly but knew that this was something that she had to do.

Quietly, she scrambled out of Wes’ embrace, put on all her clothes, picked up her belongings and fled the suite.

Wes’ phone vibrated continuously for the next ten minutes and it wasn’t until the 25th missed call did Wes get woken up.  Sleepily, he picked up his phone only to hear a shrill scream from the other end which jolted him fully awake.

‘Wes-seyyyyyyyyyy, why did you cut my line?!’

‘What?  I didn’t even hear your call, I was asleep!  Gosh Jenn, what the hell are you doing calling me at this hour?’

Jennessa whined, ‘it’s Christmas and how can you not be here to spend it with me?  My friends have been asking for you the whole night!’

Wes was sick of Jennessa and her friends.  ‘Whatever for?  I don’t even know your friends that well.  Besides, we’re not even together or anything so why are they even asking after me?’

‘But there’s a mistletoe at the part-ay here and I thought it would be a great opportunity for us to start!’

Wes was impatient and greatly annoyed, ‘so long Jenn, and stop calling me!’  With that, Wes cut the line and switched off his cell.  He should have it off in case it rang again and woke Sam up.  He had been dead beat.  It had been too long since he had had such simple but wonderful love made with anyone and he was determined to have a go at it again.  At this time, he looked around the suite and realised that something was amiss.  Sam was gone.  Her clothes, her bag, any trace of her was gone.

Wes checked the bathroom, the living room, even the corridor but there was no sign of her at all.  Wes tried calling her mobile but it was switched off.  He could not believe it.  Had she left?  There was not even a note.  Did whatever happened last night not mean anything to her?  He felt betrayed and thought the worst thought – maybe she did deserve what Colin Phil had done to her afterall.



Blame It on New York – Chapter 04.

This post is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, businesses, organisations, places, events, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.



Christmas Eve had finally come and Wes was finally at the airport on his way to New York.  He had told his family that he won’t be back till Boxing Day and his parents were really cool about it.  His mom had always told him that Christmas was not really the thing of the Chinese.  It would have been a different story had it been Chinese New Year that he was missing.  His friends had all been chill about it too.  Well, at least his best pal and greatest partner from school and now at work, Ty.  He had only told Ty about his work commitments over the Christmas holidays as he was afraid that Jennessa would catch wind of his plan if more people knew and he would not hear the end of it.

It had been two weeks of craziness for Sam.  The preliminary concept and planning for the Fall show was finally done and there was just the operations and logistics to have to be dealt with after the holiday season.  Sam was glad for the break, even though she didn’t mind her hectic schedule either.  She welcomed the work because it took her mind off her therapy sessions and of course off Wes.  Wes was all she could think of after that afternoon at Coney Island.  It was a great afternoon of course, and Wes was awesome but that was the problem.  How could someone as awesome as that not have that special someone in his life already?

The meeting place was The James SOHO in New York City.  Wes had deliberately chosen this small boutique hotel for its spectacular views of the New York skyline as the backdrop of its rooms and apt for the ambience that he was looking for.

Wes arrived at the hotel by 8:30pm.  He was an hour behind time.  He had hoped to arrive and check-in to the hotel earlier so that he could prep his equipment and the room before Sam arrived.  But gosh, the traffic in New York was even worse than LA’s and he only managed to arrive at the exact time he had text for Sam to meet.

As the taxi pulled up to the driveway of The James SOHO, there was no mistaking her.  Sam was wrapped in thick layers of clothing with a scarf that covered half her face but Wes would recognise her anywhere.  Snow was beginning to fall and Sam looked even prettier with flakes of snow in her dark wavy hair and long curly lashes.  Wes’ temperature rose by a couple of degrees despite the cold winds blowing at him through the open taxi door.

The bellboy had taken his stuff out of the taxi and was holding the taxi door open for Wes.  ‘Are you at the right hotel, sir?’  The bellboy panicked as Wes seemed reluctant to get off the taxi.  ‘My apologies,’ muttered Wes as he quickly paid the driver, got off the taxi and hurried over to Sam.

Sam had been shivering in the cold for the last twenty minutes.  Her emotions had taken over her logic again and she had unknowingly been way too early.  She knew she had been early because she had hoped that she could meet Wes earlier and they would have more time together.  Sam recognised that lean, muscular frame that got out of the taxi, walking towards her and her heart skipped a beat.  She had forgotten how much she had missed seeing him.

‘Why are you standing in the cold?’  Wes gently reprimanded Sam as he draped his coat over her and held her in his arms.  His embrace felt so warm and Sam thought about how all that shivering for the last twenty minutes was absolutely worth it.  Wes did not wait for Sam to answer and quickly led her into The James SOHO, towards the crackling fireplace that warmed the entire lobby.

They stood in front of the fireplace, warming their hands.  ‘I was still wondering if you were really coming,’ said Wes as he looked longingly into her eyes.

‘I texted you for the room number but there was no reply so I figured you must have been stuck in the pre-Christmas jam.’  All signs of doubt were gone as soon as Sam’s eyes met Wes’.

Wes fumbled in his pocket for his phone and realised that it was out of battery.

‘Let’s go check-in first.  You must be freezing.’

They approached the counter and waited in silence while the receptionist processed their room.

‘Merry Christmas, Mr and Mrs Chan, and welcome to The James SOHO New York.  We have taken the liberty to upgrade you to our honeymoon suite and as it is Christmas, we will be sending up a bottle of champagne and some eggnog to your room in a bit.  Merry Christmas once again and we hope you enjoy your stay.’

Sam was speechless and going to protest but Wes was enjoying it too much.  Mrs Sam Chan did have a ring to it so he stopped Sam in time, took the room key and headed to the lifts with the bellboy in tow with the rest of his bags.

As they walked into the room, Sam was glad that Wes had stopped her from exposing their real identity.  The room was gorgeous, decorated perfectly with pieces of local art, its furniture carefully curated in browns, greys and beige hues to match the skyline from its floor to ceiling windows, the room exuded such charm and new world elegance.  Wes tipped the bellboy and as soon as he closed the door behind him, turned to Sam and apologised.  ‘I’m really sorry for taking advantage of you like that but I think that little misunderstanding was totally worth it, what do you think?’

Sam couldn’t help smiling.  Wes looked like a little boy at Christmas who had just received the best present in his life.

They stared at each other and at that moment, it felt as if the two of them were the only ones left in the world.

Before anything else could be done, the bell to their room rang and Room Service was at the door with the bottle of champagne, chocolate strawberries and two cups of piping hot eggnog for them.

Wes thanked the service staff and turned back to Sam once again, ‘this calls for a celebration, doesn’t it.’

Sam and Wes sat by the fireplace, sharing the eggnog, the chocolate strawberries, sharing stories about themselves over the past two months.  Two hours had passed before they knew it and it was past midnight by the time Wes had prepped his equipment and got the room ready for his shoot.

‘It’s time,’ Wes looked at Sam.

Sam nodded and sat on the bed just as Wes had told her to, her back to the camera and she facing the window looking in the distance at the New York skyline.

Sam stared in the distance at the buildings with the Christmas decorations, then slowly unbuttoned her red and green plaid shirt, her Christmas shirt that she wore every Christmas Eve.  She slipped the shirt off her shoulders and unbuckled her bra.  She slipped that off too, revealing only her bare back to Sam, and the scars that reminded her of that fateful day exactly a year ago.

Wes stopped breathing for that split moment but his heart thumped faster than ever.  He knew he liked Sam but judging by the way his heart was reacting, it may be more than that.  And while his heart pumped uncontrollably, his brain stopped short and was unable to carry on allowing oxygen in.  The scars on Sam’s back were agonizing.  Not that he thought them hideous but he wasn’t sure how it could have been done by anything human.  The scars covered her whole back and criss crossed without rhythm, like a painter who had splashed paint across his canvas.  The scars also looked raw, still pink and still healing.  How she slept on her back he had no idea.

Sam sat on the bed, her palms on her knees, unsure of where to place them.  A light breeze came from nowhere that sent a chill on her breasts, causing her nipples to harden.  She moved her hands to cover her breasts, awkward at the silence and the position she was in.

Wes’ usual banter and light chattering had stopped which made Sam very uncomfortable.  It must be her scars, she must have scared him with them.  She knew she should not have agreed to reveal them to him.  They were still pink from the peeling and the chaotic look of it must be scaring the wits out of him.

Sam cleared her throat and asked if they could begin.  ‘I hope I didn’t scare you but it’s healing and not as terrible as it was,’ Sam tried to ease the tension but she knew otherwise.

‘No, I think you look beautiful,’ Wes spoke from his heart.  It was true.  Her frame was small but strong, her silhouette curvy and voluptuous.  She was neither fat nor thin, with just the right amount of meat, as his mother would say.  Wes smiled to himself at the thought.

‘Does it still hurt?’

‘Not really, only when it’s about to rain.  At least sleeping on my back has not been a problem for a while.’  Sam tried to keep her voice light-hearted but secretly knew that this was probably the last time she would see Wes again.  Who wanted a girl with such tormented looking scars anyway and it was goodbye to all the beautiful back-less dresses that were so in-trend now.

Wes wasn’t sure what else to say to Sam for re-assurance.  ‘Shall we begin?’  He secretly whacked himself for sounding so heartless.  The girl will be confiding in him, for god’s sake.  But he was clueless at that moment because all he wanted was to hug her so tightly that she stopped breathing yet he knew he needed to remain professional.

‘Shall we begin with how you met him?’

‘Right, it was the end of November and I had just been transferred here for the New York show.  It was a last minute transfer so I got this crappy apartment under very rushed circumstances.  The heater was not working so I was nearly freezing to death, and the building management had been delaying the maintenance works.  I then had this ingenious idea of leaving my front door slightly open so that the central heating could come in, which obviously turned out to be the worst idea in the world.

It was my third night at the apartment when he knocked on my door.  There were only five units on my floor and his was the one next to mine.  He peeked in and said that he was just checking to see if the person living in was alright.  I was a little shocked by his appearance but he had seemed so friendly so I let him in.’

Sam paused, wondering if Wes was going to say anything, maybe even yell at her for being so stupid but he remained silent.

Sam continued, ‘I was lonely in New York and his friendship had seemed so welcoming and so sincere.  We began hanging out quite a bit and I was a little attracted to him.  He was charming and handsome, I thought I was in love.

We were still in friend zone when I began to become uncomfortable around him.  He would, with every opportunity, hug me for no apparent reason.  I had enjoyed the intimacy initially but his hugs began lasting longer and his hands become uncontrollable.

It was Christmas Eve when it happened, this very same night a year ago.  I had found it weird why he would rather spend time with a friend, me, than with his family.  We were having drinks and I knew he was pouring way more for me than himself.  I tried to pace myself but he was insistent.

Then…’ Sam could not bring herself to continue.

‘Do you need a break?’  Wes could feel her tears in her eyes.

‘No, let’s just get it over and done with.  He started grabbing me and I had resisted.  I had tried pulling back but he was uncontrollable.  He blamed me for misleading him, insisting that I was sending messages to him to seduce him.  I had tried calling 911 but he had knocked me out before I could speak to the operator.’

Sam tried sneaking a peak at Wes but could not see his face clearly from the shadows and continued, ‘when I next woke up, it was because of a sharp pain searing through my back.  It felt like a thousand blades were being thrown at me and I thought I was dying.  I was very lucky that the cops actually responded to my call for help and pulled me out of the trenches of hell before I reached the bottom of the pit.’

Wes didn’t realise that he had been holding his breath the whole time.  He finally let go of the tight grip that had caused his knuckles to turn white when Sam finished relating her story, got out of the armchair that he had been sitting on and trooped towards the bed.

Tears were rolling down Sam’s high round cheeks, her arms wrapped tightly around her naked body.  She could still feel the tight rope around her wrists, each slash of the belt landing swiftly and flatly on her back.  She hugged herself even tighter, until a pair of strong, warm arms wrapped around her.  She shuddered, not at the person but at the intimacy that she had so yearned for yet feared.

Wes could not control himself anymore.  All he wanted to do was to assure her that all would be fine and he wanted to be the one to make everything fine.  He hugged her from behind, hugged her so tightly and with as much sense of security as he could muster.  The cloth between him and her bare skin was not thick enough to stop the reactions that he was feeling, yet anger had overwhelmed him, anger at the man who had caused so much harm on her, anger at the man who had taken away her innocence and her pride.

Sam could feel his deep warm breaths on her neck, the strength of his arms and the speed of his pounding heart in his rock hard chest.  Wes moved over to face Sam, the anger subsided, the passion taking over.  He gently lifted her chin, courage gushing through his veins, through his every single pore, and he kissed her.  Not a soft gentle kiss, but a passionate one, one that ran deep into her so that she knew how serious he was about her.

As their lips locked in a hungry embrace, Wes’ arms began exploring her.  His hands moved around her back, going over every scar that had been etched deep into her skin, trying hard to assure every single one of them that life was good now because he was there.

Sam was basking in the embrace that their lips were in, her soft breasts squashed into Wes’ hard chest and she could feel his throbbing hard-on even with his and her jeans between them.  She could feel his hunger, and hers, from all the months they had been waiting for this day.  Sam removed Wes’ grey t-shirt as he paused to catch a breath, while Wes tore off their jeans.  Wes’ heart was pounding so loud, it seemed to echo through the room, but he could hardly slow down, lest stop himself.

Wes lay Sam gently down on the bed and nuzzled her neck.  He planted soft kisses from her neck down to her breasts, to her belly button and stopped.  He stripped off her pink and white polka dot panties and plunged himself into her.  Sam was soft and silky and Wes slid easily into her, as if she was made to fit him and him alone.

Sam moaned at every kiss that Wes had planted on her.  Each kiss sent a jolt of electricity through her and when he had entered her, she immediately knew that the waiting had all been worth it.

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Blame It on New York – Chapter 03.

This post is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, businesses, organisations, places, events, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.


Sam was mesmerised by the colours of the carnival at Coney Island.  It had been too long since she had been to a carnival, and she had forgotten how happy the sights and sounds of it all felt.

‘Where shall we start?’  Wes was clearly as excited as her.  His dark brown eyes twinkled like they were filled with a million stars and the warmth in his palms warmed her hands right to her heart.

‘What about we go shoot some hoops?’

Sam’s head was spinning with such joy that she could only nod and follow his lead.

They shot hoops, played slings, hit soda bottles, and had ice-cream for lunch.  She laughed as he got chocolate fudge on his nose.  He smiled when she wiped the chocolate fudge from his nose.  He had not felt such warmth since summer.  She had not felt such warmth in like ever.

‘I think we still have time for one last ride, what do you say?’

Time flew by and it was already 3:00pm, thought Sam.  ‘Won’t you be late for your flight?’

‘Nah, I think I’m good.  Shall we go to the haunted house?’

Wes thought about how cliché it all sounded but the haunted house was a no fail and he decided to give it a shot.

Sam thought about how terrified she was of haunted houses but thought about those strong arms that would protect her from the terrors and agreed.  Well, falling in love was probably more terrifying than the stupid haunted house anyway, she thought.

Sam could not be more wrong.  She was petrified in the haunted house.  It began when the woman with the long black hair started following them quietly behind, then the scratching sounds that had no source.  Sam was scared out of her wits when the antagonist of the horror short they were made to watch jumped out of the screen and started chasing them through the house.

It did not help that Sam and Wes were the only ones in the haunted house.  Sam tried having her palms over her eyes the whole time though curiosity got the better of her at times but it was definitely a relief for Sam to have Wes’ hands on her shoulders throughout the ride as his palms exuded such warmth and security which assured her that everything would be ok.

‘Look, open your eyes.  There’s nothing scary here, I assure you.  It’s really beautiful.’  They were standing in the middle of a room and everything was quiet except for the faint sounds coming from the carnival outside.

‘No, something is going to pop down as soon as I open my eyes,’ Sam whined.

Wes whirled Sam to face him, gently holding on to her wrists and whispered.  ‘I’m here.  Just open your eyes and if you’re still scared, my extremely well-built chest would come to good use then.’

Sam giggled at the thought of his words.  Wes gently peeled her hands from her eyes and whispered, ‘open your eyes.’

Sam took a deep breath and opened her eyes.  She was taken aback by the sight around her.  They were in the hall of mirrors and even though she knew there were probably only six mirrors in all, the placement of the mirrors made it look like there were a million of them.

The room was pitch dark except for tiny dots of light that when reflected in the mirrors looked like a gazillion stars.  They were supposed to be in a sort of twilight zone to match the haunted house theme but Sam thought about how much it had looked like Wes’ eyes when they twinkled with joy.  She was mesmerised by the sight, mesmerised by him.

Wes looked down at Sam.  She was at the perfect height, just slightly taller than his shoulders which made leaning on his chest just nice, she thought.  He looked at her eyes, the joy at seeing this sight in front of him, at her soft lips, at his thumping heart.  How much he wanted to feel those soft lips on his.

Sam felt Wes’ eyes on her, his palms gently placed on the small of her back.  She looked up to face him, their eyes locked in an embrace.  Wes leaned forward ever so softly, ever so slowly.  She could feel his thumping heart and hers sped up to match his pace.  Their lips closed, thirsty for each other.

Just at this precise moment, a dummy clown dropped from above their heads, out of nowhere, hanging by its neck, laughing hysterically.  Both Sam and Wes screamed their lungs out and at this same moment, the exit out of the haunted house was revealed and out they ran.

Sam and Wes could not stop laughing even when they were back out in the open.  ‘OMG!  That stupid clown thing sure made me squeal like a girl,’ Wes said in between breaths of laughter.

‘I know right, and to think you were all macho before the clown came down,’ Sam retorted.

They looked at each other and burst out laughing again.  It took them a whole five minutes before they could calm down, their hands locked throughout the whole time.  Sam was the first to notice her hand in his even though there was no reason to anymore.  She looked at her watch, 3:30pm, she thought to herself, it had only seemed like an hour had gone by but it had already been three.

Wes saw Sam looking at her watch and knew it was time too.  He was already cutting it very close and may even miss his flight.  But he was reluctant to go and wished that time would just pause and that he could be in this moment with her forever.

‘It’s about time, isn’t it?’  Sam asked.

Wes nodded, the twinkle in his eyes gone.

‘I guess this is goodbye then?’  Wes’ world crushed when he heard those words.  Did she not like the time they had spent together?  Why did she feel so eager to get rid of him?

‘For now?’  The sparkle came back to Wes’ eyes.  He was like a child at Christmas, thought Sam.

‘I’ll see you in a couple of months’ time then,’ added Wes.  He was tempted to kiss Sam right there and then but his courage from earlier on was gone.

‘Yes, I look forward to it,’ replied Sam, wondering the whole time why Wes did not attempt at completing what he had tried to do in the hall of mirrors.

They lingered a moment too long, hands still in each other’s until Sam let go and they parted ways.

Blame It on New York – Chapter 02.

This post is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, businesses, organisations, places, events, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.



He was awake by 6am that morning.  He had gone for a jog, shaved, showered and packed his bags.  By 8am, he was ready to check-out and head for his appointment at The Dog and The Duck.

He picked up the case file that Lisa Dean of the NCADV had passed to him and flipped through the documents for the umpteenth time.  He was excited about this meeting because he was amazed at the speed of recovery of this subject, not just physically but mentally as well.  Ten months was awfully short to recover from what she had gone through.  Hell, the last subject that he had interviewed was still suffering from the after effects despite it being ten years ago.  But what could he say, he’d grown up in a blissful family and he would never understand how each of them felt to have to go through all that they did.  He could only sympathize but not empathise.

He took another look at the sweet smile in the photo and thought to himself, it didn’t hurt that she was so damn cute too.  He quickly gave himself a slap and made a mental note that these were victims of domestic violence, not some girl that he could pick up from the bar.

She was up by 6am.  She had been tossing and turning since 3am and finally gave up at 6am.  She was out of sorts the entire morning, her usual organised routine of getting dressed was all over the place this morning.  She was putting toothpaste on her toothbrush one minute, choosing her shoes the next, brushing her hair and then doing something else.  Her systematic thoughts were mashed up like scrambled eggs this morning and what usually took her less than an hour on a regular morning, took her almost two today.

At 8am, she was finally ready and decided to make an early start to The Dog and The Duck.  She could just go grab a cuppa tea first and prep herself for the meeting.  Better to be early and prepared than late and flustered.  It was an important day for her, the first step to her full recovery, according to Lisa.

It was one of those crazy busy New York mornings in October.  The stuck-up faces and fast paces were some of the main reasons why he was glad his home was in California.  He crossed the road and walked the two blocks as she had instructed him to, dodging the never-ending stream of women in their sky high stilettos and the yellow taxis who were going way too fast for their own good.  It was 9:23am when he arrived at The Dog and The Duck, precisely 37 minutes earlier than their agreed meeting time, and he thought he would be earlier than her so that he could get a nice quiet spot first but there was no mistaking her – the almond-shaped eyes, the cute button nose, the small pout of her lips.  She was truly more beautiful than her photo.

‘Samantha Alexandra Lee?’

Her thoughts were interrupted by a smooth, male voice.  And the owner of that smooth, male voice did not disappoint.  He was about 6 feet tall, with short black hair that was styled up, and a lean mean bod that even his baggy jacket could not hide.  She smiled back at him, ‘Wesley Wong?’

He gave a curt nod and took the hand that she had put out to shake.  He was amazed by the firm shake of her hand.   Those small, soft hands seemed incapable of that firm grip on him yet they did.

‘Wes will do actually,’ he replied as he took the seat opposite her.

‘And Sam for me.’

Wes had strong hands, small slit eyes that exuded creativity and this genuine smile that guys of this age no longer showed, and Sam couldn’t help replying with her brightest smile.

The waitress was already at their table as Wes sat down.

They ordered drinks and exchanged small talk.  Despite this being their first meeting, the atmosphere was unlike two people who had just met but more like two friends who were re-acquainted – comfortable but polite.

They sat in snug silence for a while as Sam stirred her tea, an action that was redundant as she drank her tea black, and Wes looked on at her from the corner of his eye.

Wes cleared his throat.  ‘About today, I believe Lisa must have given you some background about the work that I do for the NCADV?’

Sam continued stirring and staring at her tea but gave a slight nod to indicate yes.  She hurriedly added that Lisa did mention that she was not obligated to agree to do the filming if she felt uncomfortable about it.

‘Yes, Lisa did mention but I was really hoping that you would give me a chance to explain how I intend to go about it.’  Wes hoped he did not sound too desperate, even though he really was.  Not desperate to get her story on film but desperate to want to get to know Sam better.

‘Go on.’  Sam said after pausing for a while, the sincerity in his voice touching a soft spot in her that she thought had died along with her heart when Colin Phil had almost killed her.

With Sam’s approval, Wes started explaining about the work that he was doing and what was expected from her.  By the end of his pitch though, he could see that all the colour had drained from her.  Her rosy cheeks were now paler than the milk froth on his half drunk café latte and the unmistaken frown creased on her forehead was a clear indication of her disapproval of his requirements.  Yes, he thought to himself, having her take off all her clothes in front of a stranger was clearly intimidating, even if the focus would only be on the scars on her back.

‘I understand that you may be reluctant but think of the message that it would send across to thousands of other women who are too afraid to come out.  We need to film your scars so that the audience knows that you are real and not just some model that we got from an agency.’  He paused, trying to determine if she was buying him.

‘The NCADV told me that you were strong and that you would do your best to help.  My filming techniques will be purely artistic, nothing sleazy, I promise.  We will also need you to be interviewed as we film, just to capture some of the essence of your story.’

She hesitated for another moment and asked, ‘when you say we, how many other people exactly are we talking about?’

‘The we is actually just me,’ Wes replied, glad that her main concern didn’t seem to be about baring herself to him.  He added as an afterthought, ‘but if you feel more comfortable with more around, I would be happy to let you have a friend or two with you for support.’

‘That won’t be necessary, I don’t have that many close friends in New York and none of my other friends know what had happened to me.’

There was a moment of silence, ‘isn’t there anyone you can have by your side for support?  Your family?’

Sam gave a soft sigh, ‘I grew up in California and worked there till a year ago when I got transferred to New York.  Most of my friends are back home and have their own family and stuff so I never bothered them with my troubles, while my friends here are all from work which is hardly the place you want to air your dirty laundry.  My aunt back in Cali who has been taking care of me is old and doesn’t need to have more to worry about either.’

Wes was speechless for words, like he had stepped on a land mine.   He had no idea what to say or how to comfort her.  He had no idea what to say to someone who had to go through so much mishap yet to survive it all alone in such a big city.

Noticing the awkward silence, Sam gave a huge grin.  ‘You look worried.  I hope I didn’t scare you and you don’t think that I’m some crazy psycho who’s off the grid.  I just want to let you know that I’m ok to be in front of the camera.  It’s just that it’s my first time doing so and I’m not exactly attractive so I hope I don’t irk whoever is watching.’

Wes smiled back, glad that Sam had taken the awkwardness out of him but was still speechless and grinning like a fool instead.

‘So, when shall we do this?’  Sam asked.

‘Well, I fly back to Cali this afternoon but I’ll be glad to fly in again just before Christmas.  What do you say?’

‘We’re in a bit of a rush at work to get things sorted out before the Christmas / New Year break so I’m afraid I won’t be able to do the session till Christmas Eve.  Then I’ll be clear till a couple of days after the New Year.’

‘I’m afraid I have another project to film over the New Year so Christmas Eve and Christmas Day seems like my best bet now too.’

Sam thought and asked, ‘wouldn’t you want to spend Christmas with your family?’

‘Nah, we’re an Asian family and Christmas’ not really our thing.  And my friends won’t miss me just for this year.’  Except for Jennessa, who’s going to bug him about this the whole of next year if she knew, thought Wes to himself.  Jennessa was his junior at school and had been on his tails since the day he went back to give his speech as an alumni during her convocation.  She had found her way to him through his friends and had permanently made herself a part of their group.

They sat in silence as the morning rush in the The Dog and The Duck started to clear and the lunch crowd slowly streamed in.  Wes couldn’t help sneaking a peek at her through the corner of his eye.  He enjoyed the sun shining on her smooth, fair skin.  The light blush of her cheeks, the soft pout of her lips.  It had been a while since he had felt this way, on second thoughts he had never felt this way ever.  The zen-ness of the silence yet the speed at which his heart thumped was consoling yet scaring him.

Sam was enjoying the soft October sun on her face and enjoying the comfortable silence.  She could feel him taking a peek at her through the corner of his eye.  The peek soon became a stare and she could not help grinning to herself.  It had been a while since she had had such attention and she couldn’t help but notice how much she had missed being intimate with anyone.

Their silence was broken by the waitress who came over to get a second round of drinks.  Sam and Wes noticed the queue that was extending outside, and their extended stay which had clearly become unwelcome unless they ordered another round of food and drink, and realised that this was their cue to leave.

They stood in the middle of the bustling city, unwilling to part yet not sure what other excuse they would have to extend each other’s company.

Wes picked up his courage, ‘my flight’s not till 6pm and I still have quite a few hours to kill.  Is there anywhere that a New Yorker like you can interest me in?’

‘I’m not really much of a New Yorker myself.  With work and all, I have barely been anywhere other than home, work and the clinic.’  A shadow came over Sam despite the bright sunny day.  She hadn’t thought about how pathetic her life had been this last year until now.

Wes suddenly felt sad and was determined to bring sunshine back to Sam.

‘I heard Coney Island is a must go when in New York!  If you’re free this afternoon, would you like to be a tourist in New York with me today?’

Wes did not wait for Sam to reply.  He did not want to wait for her reply lest he be rejected.  He picked up her hand and in full speed, ran as fast as he could towards the subway.

Sam was shocked.  Everything happened so fast.  She could not believe that she was going on an adventure with a stranger that she had barely known for a couple of hours.  Not that she wanted to reject his request at this date, no, adventure.  It was not a date, it can’t be.  But she was glad that he did not give her a chance to say no because she probably would have, not because she didn’t want to go but because she was afraid that she would fall in love again.

Blame It on New York – Chapter 01.

This post is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, businesses, organisations, places, events, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.



Ten months had passed since the day the FBI found her hanging by the thread of her life with her hands tied above her head, her back whipped till the core of her bone, her last breath hidden at the bottom of her lung.  It had been ten months since the day that she was finally free from the torments of Colin Phil.  Ten whole months had passed yet the wounds still felt fresh on her back and the memories fresh in her mind.

He was embarking on a new documentary, a project in collaboration with the National Coalition against Domestic Violence (NCADV), about scars and the stories behind each.  His next particular subject was about one of the most infamous cases of domestic violence against women – psychopath Colin Phil who had romanced and then tormented 13 women across five states with only one survivor.

Preparations for the next New York Fashion Week were just beginning.  Work was picking up and she was enjoying it.  The work took her mind off the therapy sessions she had been made to attend and the pain that she still felt from the scars on her back, especially when it rained.


She was surprised to hear from Lisa Dean of the NCADV.  They had not been in contact ever since she was certified fit by the doctors four months ago and she had proven that she was capable of moving on in life.  The NCADV had been great to her and definitely one of the reasons for her speedy recovery but having them hanging around her had always made her feel like a nutcase so having them off her back was a huge relief for her.

‘Hey Lisa! What’s up?’

‘How’ve you been?  It’s been a while since we last checked back with you.’

Lisa was definitely one of the nicer ones in the NCADV who weren’t all apologetic and sympathetic around her all the time.  Yes, she, like the rest of the victims, had gone through some unfortunate times but the last thing that they needed was for everyone to send their condolences all the time as it just made them angrier at why they were the ones having to go through all that they have.

‘I’m good, things are starting to pick up at work so I’m hoping to just get back in the motion of life.’

‘That’s great!  Look, remember the last time I spoke to you about the documentary that NCADV was going to do about awareness on domestic violence?’

She vaguely remembered when Lisa spoke to her about their plans on doing a series to raise awareness on domestic violence but she had just shrugged it off then, thinking that her story would not be featured or that it would not happen so soon.  She kept quiet while Lisa rattled on.

‘Well, the guy doing filming is here in New York for the weekend and he would really like to meet up with you on how he will be going about with the filming.  You think you can spare some time for him?’

‘Lisa, do I really have to do it?’

‘Look, we’ve talked about this.  It’s all about the awareness for others.  Besides, you’re one of the strongest women that I’ve known despite all that you have gone through and I’m confident that this would be a big step for you and it would benefit others who are too afraid to step out as well.  You know you can do this and I promise you, it will be a hundred percent anonymous.’

She hesitated, ‘but I…’

‘Why don’t you just have a chat with the guy first, find out how he’s going about with the documentary and if you’re still uncomfortable then we’ll think about swopping your story.  How’s that?’

‘Well, I think I can give that a shot.’  No obligations with that right, she thought.

‘Great!  He has your number and he’ll probably give you a ring shortly.  And look, you know you can always reach out to me if you have any problems!’

‘Thanks Lisa, I’ll keep a lookout for his call.’


The phone clicked and she bit down on her lip.  She couldn’t believe that she was doing this.  It had only been ten months!  The average person couldn’t even recover in ten years.  Even though her therapy sessions have told her that she was very unlike the average person, deep down she knew that she was not as strong as others perceived her to be.  She had her own insecurities, her self-doubt, her weaknesses.  And it was all that that had gotten her into this predicament in the very first place.

Flashbacks of Colin Phil suddenly filled her head – the night he had peeked through the crack of her door, when he offered her his portable heater, when he offered her his warmth, his friendship.  But the bliss was short-lived.  Soon after she had begun to trust Colin and thought they had become friends, Colin started making advances on her.  She had at first been mildly attracted to him, thinking that perhaps love would blossom, but soon became uncomfortable when his hugs had lasted longer and tighter and his hands on the small of her back went lower and lower.  That Christmas Eve night when Colin had tried dosing her with a tad too much wine, forced himself on her and she had rejected him, he lost control.  The weight of the wine bottle had knocked her unconscious just after she had dialled 911 but before she could speak to the operator.  Colin Phil had then tied her up and with his belt, began whipping her from the back.

The thought of all that suddenly overwhelmed Sam and a sharp headache hit her like the wine bottle that Colin Phil had sent shattering on the back of her head.  She began shivering and lost control of her tears.

Blame It on New York – Introduction

This post is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, businesses, organisations, places, events, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

New York



He is part of a six-man team in an independent new media production company.  Simply put, he makes videos for a living.  Videos that make people laugh, that make people cry, that make people laugh and cry.  He makes comedies, parodies, MTVs and love stories.

He likes photography, doodling, llamas, orange jello, ironman, and awkward laughs.

He had doubts about love because he had no idea what it really was.  He thought love came in the form of Sally Mason in fourth grade.  She was a year older, had big blue eyes and a red bow that held her long golden curls in place.  She made him feel good because all the guys in school looked up to him for getting Sally Mason.  But he wasn’t sure that he loved Sally Mason.  Sally Mason was as sticky as date pudding and he never got a breather, not even when he was catching some frisbee with the other boys.  The day he told Sally Mason that he wanted to be alone, she kicked up such a fuss that he vowed never again to object when his homeroom teacher made the boys stand on the left and the girls on the right.

Then there was Carrie Mae in seventh grade.  He thought it was love because she made his heart pound whenever she came near.  It wasn’t till he overheard the guys in the locker room commenting about her ass and boobs did he realize that it wasn’t love but lust.

In tenth grade, he made his first home run with Christie Kim and he thought it was love, until she told him that she wanted three kids and a home with a swing and rose bushes.  He thought through it for three days and realized that all he wanted was to keep on doodling for the day.  His life plans should not have to go beyond today.  When he told that to Christie Kim, she stamped her feet, did this freaky shrill, pulled on her hair and called him a jerk, all at the same time.  He gave a half shrug as his buddies looked on and he told himself that love was a man-made emotion invented by florists and greeting card companies.



She is part of a 30-man crew that works on fashion shows. The company that she works for organises fashion shows around the world and she is now working on the show in Los Angeles.  Twice a year in spring and fall, her life would be turned upside down.  Endless days and sleepless nights would become her life the two months prior to spring and fall, all in the name of fashion.

She likes organizing things, giraffes, mismatched earrings, fairy tales, USB drives and quirky smiles.

She has doubts about love.  She doubts that love exists in this world because we are all superficial beings.  She doubts that love exists beyond the passionate first three months and anything after that is merely the comfort felt by both parties in being together but that status can change anytime.  She doubts that anyone would want to grow old with her because they’d change their minds about her when she became fatter, older, and had lines on her eyes and forehead.  She has doubts about love but mostly because she has doubts about herself.

She had always been alone before her college days because she doubted anyone really understood her.  She had always felt like a fish out of water, like the only M&M’s in a bowl of jelly beans, awkward and out of place.  She had always felt different from her peers but it wasn’t until she was much older did she conclude that her awkwardness had been due to the fact that she had always been a lot more mature than all of them combined.  She was an old woman at heart.

In her second year in college, at her job as a bartender along Santa Monica Beach, she had a fling with Oliver Sun.  Oliver was a banker from New York.  Oliver was on a company sponsored trip for his job well done in bringing in 40% of his team’s investments despite being a rookie.  Oliver was tall, tan, suave and interested in her.  They had spent all six nights of his trip together.  She had thought this was love until he disappeared one morning without leaving a note.

In her first year on the job doing fashion shows, she met Edward Park, an Asian American actor / model based in Taiwan, during the spring / summer show.  They had met because Edward’s manager, Annie, had been kicking up a huge fuss over the hotel having booked her in a room one floor lower than Edward’s.  Annie was driving all her other colleagues insane and she was ultimately tasked to handle the situation.  While the bellboy was helping Annie move, she had a brief moment with Edward when he stood at his door watching Annie, the bellboy and Annie’s ten hot pink suitcases fumble clumsily into the room opposite his in amusement.  Edward had put his big, warm hand on her shoulder to stop her from being part of the circus act, that was Annie and her suitcases, and she felt a surge of energy shoot though her entire body, leaving her motionless, as if the world had stopped spinning for those few moments.  The next fall, she crossed paths with Edward Park again when he opened his room door just as she was slipping his assignment schedule under his door.  The timing was so perfect that she wondered if it truly was a coincidence at all.  Their eyes had locked; his strong pair of arms had easily pulled her into his room and so began their unspoken relationship.  For the next spring and fall, Edward and she spent the few hours that she could spare each night locked in each other’s embrace.  She thought this was love.

However, the last night of the fall show that Edward and she spent together, Edward told her that he had had enough of casual flings. Ironically, they still spent that night together but before the crack of dawn, she left his room, headed back to office, and asked for a transfer to New York.

Her first days in New York were spent during the harshest of winter.  The heater in her apartment had broken down and the gap in the window had been too wide to hide.  She tried leaving a gap at her main door, hoping that the warmth from the corridor would at least tide her through the night.  On her third night sleeping with the gap in the door, Colin Phil peeked in and so began their brief acquaintance.  Little did she realise that her life would change forever with Colin.

Farewell, My Super-Intern

Google defines an intern as ‘a student or trainee who works, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification.’

But seriously, we all know what an intern really does:


Like many, I have been an intern in a couple of organizations before I scored my first real job.  And in my first real job, I of course got my first intern as well.  The intern that I constantly compare to myself when I was an intern, the one that I thought I could torment like how so many others have tormented me when I was one.

But no!  This intern that I had, my very first one, was not just an intern, he was a super-intern!


He is super because he was pro-active and responsible, and even surpassed my other full-time colleagues at times.  He was calm and cool-headed, and never failed to meet my expectations.


Alas, as the saying goes, ‘all good things must come to an end’, and so did the internship of my super-intern.  And no, staying on in this hellhole of a job was clearly not his aspiration.

It’s been almost five years since he’s left my organization to pursue other internships, enjoying life, and he’s finally decided to go back to school in some far away continent to pursue his dreams.  So, it’s time to say adieu and I have written a short note just to let him know how awesome he was as an intern and now as a friend.

Dear Super-Intern

It’s almost half a decade since the day you started working under me.  You were unlike any other intern that I ever met, unlike even the intern that I was.

You are smart, mature, funny and sarcastic (in a very good way) all at the same time.  And who could ever forget the time that you asked my full-time colleague whether you were the intern or the full-time staff for helping her make all those decisions!!

Despite me being as much as a noob then, I really do hope that your time spent with me was not wasted (hey, I do not want to be known as the internship that was a waste of your time, lol).

We may not have kept in very close contact over the last few years but even I could tell that you have matured very much from a boy to a man.  And I am truly proud of having you as my friend now.

I wish you all the very best in your studies.  Don’t study too hard as this will definitely be the best years of your life (take it from my experience).  And don’t you ever dare forget me!!



Sorry for the Hiatus but I’ve Been at the Beach (or Fear as I Know It)

So, it‘s been a while.

And as you know, life‘s been a bum and I was at the beach!

For the last six days, this is what I woke up to and what I said good night to:

Boracay Sunset

Ok fine, I did not fall asleep at sunset nor did I wake up at sunrise but that photo of the sunset is real and has #NoFilter!!

So, I‘ve just been bumming about on the awesome beaches of Boracay, and now I feel obliged to make you super envious with another photo of the sun, sand and sea.

Beaches of Boracay Jealous much??

But no, this post shall not be about this beach (I shall try doing one someday).  This post is actually about fear.

Why fear, you may ask.  Because I experienced real fear for the first time.

Fear is not having a lizard drop on your head.  Fear is not about failing a major exam.  Fear is not about what life entails after college.

Fear is taking that one step out into nothingness, with nothing to hold, with nothing to support you, with no strings attached.  That is fear.

Yes, that was me cliff diving.  It may only be a five meter drop but trust me, it was nothing that any school had ever prepared me for.

From taking that first step out, dropping into nothing, the stopping of your heartbeat, the pain from hitting the water and then opening your eyes to the darkness of the sea.  All this in a span of split seconds which honestly felt a lot longer.

This was fear.


The Chase

Chasing (via


You know how when you were this low profile girl in school and all the jocks seemed so far out of reach like celebrities in their own league?

Fast forward ten years and now you meet them at work, you find out more about them, their lives, their personalities and you realise that they are just human like you after all.

I recently met one of these jocks again for work, let’s call him John Doe for the sake of anonymity.  John was the client and I the service provider.  He still had this air of superiority about him, not in a stuck-up arrogant manner but because his ability to excel in the many sports that he used to do still lingered on after all these years.  He still seemed out of reach, still very far off, yet there was this warm cosy feeling of familiarity.  It may have been my imagination but each time we crossed paths you couldn’t help but feel his eyes on you and wonder if maybe, just maybe, he still remembered you vaguely from the times you stared at him in the school cafeteria, the times that you accidentally stumbled upon him along the hallways, the times when you trailed far behind him during track practice, trying your very best to match his stride.

John Doe was one of those fantasies that you had when you were younger.  When reality seemed so out of reach, when fantasising was the only time that he, or anyone for that matter, would take note of you.

As one gets older, one’s imagination stops being as creative as it used to be.  This was partly because many things that you have ever fantasised about don’t seem so far out of reach any longer.  The other part because time is a luxury and you no longer have the time to stop and just dream.  But imagination still runs wild when one’s fantasies seem almost realised, that fluttery feeling in the stomach is both exciting and dreadful as you never know if the outcome will become what you have always imagined it to be.

I will never forget that final day when our project ended.  That moment when we bid our farewells and all the other clients had turned to leave but only John lingered, for a tad too long.  The smile that came my way.  I turned, only to realise that I was alone in that direction.  Then my goofy smile that went back his way.