Farewell, My Super-Intern

Google defines an intern as ‘a student or trainee who works, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification.’

But seriously, we all know what an intern really does:

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Like many, I have been an intern in a couple of organizations before I scored my first real job.  And in my first real job, I of course got my first intern as well.  The intern that I constantly compare to myself when I was an intern, the one that I thought I could torment like how so many others have tormented me when I was one.

But no!  This intern that I had, my very first one, was not just an intern, he was a super-intern!

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He is super because he was pro-active and responsible, and even surpassed my other full-time colleagues at times.  He was calm and cool-headed, and never failed to meet my expectations.

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Alas, as the saying goes, ‘all good things must come to an end’, and so did the internship of my super-intern.  And no, staying on in this hellhole of a job was clearly not his aspiration.

It’s been almost five years since he’s left my organization to pursue other internships, enjoying life, and he’s finally decided to go back to school in some far away continent to pursue his dreams.  So, it’s time to say adieu and I have written a short note just to let him know how awesome he was as an intern and now as a friend.

Dear Super-Intern

It’s almost half a decade since the day you started working under me.  You were unlike any other intern that I ever met, unlike even the intern that I was.

You are smart, mature, funny and sarcastic (in a very good way) all at the same time.  And who could ever forget the time that you asked my full-time colleague whether you were the intern or the full-time staff for helping her make all those decisions!!

Despite me being as much as a noob then, I really do hope that your time spent with me was not wasted (hey, I do not want to be known as the internship that was a waste of your time, lol).

We may not have kept in very close contact over the last few years but even I could tell that you have matured very much from a boy to a man.  And I am truly proud of having you as my friend now.

I wish you all the very best in your studies.  Don’t study too hard as this will definitely be the best years of your life (take it from my experience).  And don’t you ever dare forget me!!




Take A Chunk Out of Me!

So my Black Widow friend has been on this crazy crash diet where she eats half of her usual portions of everything (of which the other half goes to my The Hulk friend without fail) and absolutely no carbs for dinner.  Why, you may ask?  Well, just cos she can lose 10kg to become 45kg, which is apparently the ideal weight that all girls will be ‘beautiful’ (disclaimer: please do not ask me to expand on this theory as it was not mine and do not judge us either but yes, you may think of us as bimbos in this instance though I can assure you, and our bosses, that we are quite brilliant when it comes to our day jobs).

Anyways, back to my point.  So when my Black Widow friend explained her methods of losing the 10kg, I asked her back and our conversation went something like this:

 Me: So what happens when you reach your target 45kg?

Black Widow: What do you mean what happens?  I then become slim and beautiful, of course!

Me: No, I mean thereafter.  What happens after that?  You do realise that losing all the weight is not the most difficult, maintenance is the silent killer.

<blank stares from Black Widow>

Black Widow: Who cares?!  At least I can tell people that I was ever 45kg.

<-__-” + (major roll eyes x 100) + (face palm x 101)>

Ok, so that (refer above) I really do not understand.

But Black Widow being a master with words, has since managed to convince another of my superhero friends, Supergirl, to join her in her quest.

 My Brash but Timid Friend – Supergirl

Supergirl Chibi (via krnozine.deviantart.com)

(via krnozine.deviantart.com)

And together, the two of them have been obsessed with achieving the vertical ab line.  What is the vertical ab line, you may ask?

 So here my readers, is the vertical ab line:

Vertical Ab Line (via shape.com)

(via shape.com)

And in case you have no idea what the owner of this perfect female form, which sorry to disappoint but does not belong to me, is pointing to, I have taken the liberty to outline it in yellow here (thank you very much):

Vertical Ab Line_edited (via shape.com)

(via shape.com)

According to my The Hulk friend, in order to achieve this vertical ab line, one needs to maintain their fat percentage at precisely between 12 and 14 percent (please do not bother to correct me if I am wrong cos I clearly am).

So when Black Widow and Supergirl took in this news, they thought their expressions were calm and collected like this:

I'm Sorry, I Can't Hear You MeMe (via myfacewhen.net)

(via myfacewhen.net)

 when actually they were really like this:

What Did You Just Say MeMe (via frabz.com)

(via frabz.com)

No matter, Black Widow and Supergirl chose to ignore The Hulk’s ‘exaggerated techniques’ (as they call it) and continue with their futile attempts (as The Hulk kindly points out) to lose those pounds.  But hey, superheroes are at least 60% human too, so just to help my two dear friends better rationalise their need to lose the pounds, here I share with you an interesting series titled ‘Famous Chunkies’ by Chicago-based illustrator Alex Solis, cos seeing is believing.

But whatever your reason to lose the pounds, just remember, everything in moderation and exercise is key!


What Happens When Your Friend is Clueless About Pocket Tees

So just today, my superhero friends and I went on a shopping spree.

There was:

1. My Hunky but Harmless Friend – The Hulk

Hulk Chibi (via cavaferdi.deviantart.com)

(via cavaferdi.deviantart.com)

2. My Sarcastic Friend with No Real Skills – Black Widow

Black Widow Chibi (via cavaferdi.deviantart.com)

(via cavaferdi.deviantart.com)

3. My Super Friend Who Can Do Anything – Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Chibi (via keitenstudio.deviantart.com)

(via keitenstudio.deviantart.com)

So we were just walking around, three girls and a guy, and we (ok, really just me) spotted some really cool shirts that we thought would be awesome for The Hulk.

Ok, so I am crazy about pocket tees, and I really mean crazeeeeeeeee…  7.5 pieces out of 8 of my clothing have pockets on / in them.   Let me just give you a few examples to show you how awesome pocket tees are:

You can have a floral pocket if you’re feeling a bit romantic.

Floral Pocket Tee (via bambeestore.com)

(via bambeestore.com)

 A pocket with cats if you are an animal lover.

Cats Pocket Tee (via bambeestore.com)

(via bambeestore.com)

 A Star Wars pocket if you are a closet geek.

Star Wars Pocket Tee (via bambeestore.com)

(via bambeestore.com)

A Batman pocket if you are a dark knight.

Batman Pocket Tee (via bambeestore.com)

(via bambeestore.com)

 An Avengers pocket if you, like me, have many superhero friends.

Avengers Pocket Tee (via sogeekchic.com)

(via sogeekchic.com)

Ok, you get my point.

So we saw a bunch of pocket tees and we thought The Hulk would look crazeeeeeeeee good in them cos of his bulging muscles.  And the conversation went something like this:

Wonder Woman: The Hulk, would you wear something like that? <points to pocket tees>

The Hulk: But you can’t put anything into the pockets.

<blank stares from all three girls>

Black Widow: What do you want to put in that pocket?  A hamster??!!

Me: If he puts a hamster in there, he would have a throbbing nipple!!

It actually sounded a lot less lame and way funnier at that time but my point is how can anyone not love pocket tees??  I for one am a HUGE fan!!

To end this random post, may I present you my favourite pocket tee (it’s really more a dress).

Draw Straws Pocket Dress (via threadless.com)

(via threadless.com)

As well as a super cool video on making your own pocket tee!!