Sorry for the Hiatus but I’ve Been at the Beach (or Fear as I Know It)

So, it‘s been a while.

And as you know, life‘s been a bum and I was at the beach!

For the last six days, this is what I woke up to and what I said good night to:

Boracay Sunset

Ok fine, I did not fall asleep at sunset nor did I wake up at sunrise but that photo of the sunset is real and has #NoFilter!!

So, I‘ve just been bumming about on the awesome beaches of Boracay, and now I feel obliged to make you super envious with another photo of the sun, sand and sea.

Beaches of Boracay Jealous much??

But no, this post shall not be about this beach (I shall try doing one someday).  This post is actually about fear.

Why fear, you may ask.  Because I experienced real fear for the first time.

Fear is not having a lizard drop on your head.  Fear is not about failing a major exam.  Fear is not about what life entails after college.

Fear is taking that one step out into nothingness, with nothing to hold, with nothing to support you, with no strings attached.  That is fear.

Yes, that was me cliff diving.  It may only be a five meter drop but trust me, it was nothing that any school had ever prepared me for.

From taking that first step out, dropping into nothing, the stopping of your heartbeat, the pain from hitting the water and then opening your eyes to the darkness of the sea.  All this in a span of split seconds which honestly felt a lot longer.

This was fear.



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