The Chase

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You know how when you were this low profile girl in school and all the jocks seemed so far out of reach like celebrities in their own league?

Fast forward ten years and now you meet them at work, you find out more about them, their lives, their personalities and you realise that they are just human like you after all.

I recently met one of these jocks again for work, let’s call him John Doe for the sake of anonymity.  John was the client and I the service provider.  He still had this air of superiority about him, not in a stuck-up arrogant manner but because his ability to excel in the many sports that he used to do still lingered on after all these years.  He still seemed out of reach, still very far off, yet there was this warm cosy feeling of familiarity.  It may have been my imagination but each time we crossed paths you couldn’t help but feel his eyes on you and wonder if maybe, just maybe, he still remembered you vaguely from the times you stared at him in the school cafeteria, the times that you accidentally stumbled upon him along the hallways, the times when you trailed far behind him during track practice, trying your very best to match his stride.

John Doe was one of those fantasies that you had when you were younger.  When reality seemed so out of reach, when fantasising was the only time that he, or anyone for that matter, would take note of you.

As one gets older, one’s imagination stops being as creative as it used to be.  This was partly because many things that you have ever fantasised about don’t seem so far out of reach any longer.  The other part because time is a luxury and you no longer have the time to stop and just dream.  But imagination still runs wild when one’s fantasies seem almost realised, that fluttery feeling in the stomach is both exciting and dreadful as you never know if the outcome will become what you have always imagined it to be.

I will never forget that final day when our project ended.  That moment when we bid our farewells and all the other clients had turned to leave but only John lingered, for a tad too long.  The smile that came my way.  I turned, only to realise that I was alone in that direction.  Then my goofy smile that went back his way.



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