Top Useless Tip to Get Through Your Quarter-Life Crisis

So I’ve been in a bit of a rut of late, in love, life and war (not literally of course, I just like to be dramatic).  Well, life’s just not been pampering me much.  At work, I’m starting to wonder what it is exactly I’m doing, whether the battles with undeserving villainous colleagues is worth all my while, or if the extra world-saving, peace-fighting projects that I voluntarily take on is really for the greater good or just because I’m stupid.  In love, Prince Charming seems contented with our non-status when I just want to get hitched so that we can have a place of our own to host dinner parties and game nights but if this Prince Charming ain’t moving his charming butt then perhaps it’s time for Charming 2.  And so life in general has been that, goal-less, excitement-less, stagnant.

Some may say that I may be going through a mid-life crisis.  Seriously??!! I may no longer be 20 but I’m still a short cry away from 30.

Mid-Life Crisis (via


And if this is mid-life, then I’ll only live till 60 max??!!  Gosh no!  I surely want to live beyond that.  No, I don’t want to be immortal but I want to still be able to go bungee jumping when I’m 60, climb a mountain when I’m 70, even do a salsa when I’m 80, just like this:

(speed up to 1:36 if you can’t wait to get to the action)

So I turned to my BFF, google, for advice because you see, google is a genius and knows everything in the world, and I do mean EVERYTHING!  Google then referred me to one of his friends, Wikipedia, because while google knows everything, he doesn’t bother with the details and leaves them to his wide network of friends.  So then Wikipedia says that a mid-life crisis is

a time where adults come to realize their own mortality and how much time is left in their life… … (and)  the condition is most common ranging from the ages of 41-60 (a large study in the 1990s found that the average age at onset of a self-described midlife crisis was 45)

So you see, I can’t possibly be having a mid-life crisis.  I’m still so… young!

Then, I was introduced to the quarter-life crisis which Wikipedia says that

… the quarter-life crisis occurs in one’s twenties…

Hey, now that sounds about right!  Wikipedia also says that

common symptoms of a quarter life crisis are often feelings of being ‘lost, scared, lonely or confused’ about what steps to take in order to transition properly into adulthood.

Ok, Wikipedia may have identified two out of four of my symptoms but why am I going through this crisis?  You may then wish to read this article here to find out more, as well as here to find out even more about why young people in my beautiful lion in a garden city are going through this awful thing we call a crisis (yes, my generation are all whiners, I don’t deny).

So how do we get out of this rut?  Now, if you actually think I am going to give you a bunch of enlightening, life-changing advice on how to get back on track with your life, you may wish to stop reading at this point and refer to this link here instead because has a lot more substance and truth as to what they say, and they have done a whole bunch of surveys and statistics that we should not leave to waste.  Plus I’m sure they make way more sense than I do in helping you survive a quarter-life crisis.

Now, on to my main point.  What do you do when you find yourself in a rut?

When I find myself getting into a rut, I find that googling for my prince charmings is the best solution to everything.  Now, did you really expect me to have anything substantial to fix your crisis??  Well, think again. :)

So now, my top six (amended on 9 August 2014 for no apparent reason) favourite Charmings to google for when in a rut (I definitely have more than 5 but these five should get you started and they are in the order of best to bestest):

Charming #6 – David Guintoli

David Guintoli (via pinterest)

(via Pinterest)

I first saw David Guintoli in the series Grimm.  Grimm is a cop drama with a twist, that tells you that all the fairy tales you were told when you were young weren’t just stories, they were really warnings.  So if you, like me, enjoy crime-solving shows and fantasies, Grimm is a must watch!  Plus with those deep-set eyes, the grungy look and charismatic smile, how can one not be drawn to him?

Charming #5 – John Cho

John Cho (via


Now, I do agree that John Cho is a bit of an acquired taste but like wine, John Cho just gets better with age.  And so what if Harold Lee (of the slapstick Harold & Kumar stoner comedy films) was his shot to fame?  A guy with humour is always oh-so-hard to resist!  So yes, John Cho is without a doubt on the top of my list!

Charming #4 – Michael Grant Terry

Michael Grant Terry (via Reddit)

(via Reddit)

Wendell Bray (Michael Grant Terry in reality, or MGT) is the smartest intern on Bones, not to mention the absolute cutest too (and if you have never watched Bones, you seriously need to get back down on earth!).  He’s the jock in school.  The hot blonde guy who is smart and witty all at the same time.  He is good in sports, science and literature, the perfect guy that every girl in school yearns for.  And he’s the one that your parents would approve of.

Michael Grant Terry (via


And of course he rocks the tuxedo!

Charming #3 – Wesley Chan

Wesley Chan (via


I absolutely fell in love with Wesley Chan watching this:

Now tell me, who wouldn’t?

Wesley Chan (via


The smile, the friendly disposition, that creative mind of his (he’s one-third of the fant-awesome Wong Fu Productions) and…

Wesley Chan (via


that devil’s bod beneath that angelic face.  Remind me again why anyone is not in love with Wesley Chan??

Charming #2 – Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester (added on 9 August 2014)

Jensen Ackles (via


Yes, Dean Winchester is a new addition of mine that is highly influenced by my Supernatural marathons over the past month.

Dean is like your best friend’s older brother, the one who is awfully hot, crazy funny and very rebellious.  He looks good in anything, from a suit to a plaid shirt, to nothing at all.

And that smirk of his just melts my heart!!

Jensen Ackles (via


Charming #1 – Eddie Peng

No words can sufficiently describe his charm so I shall just let the pictures do the talking.

Eddie Peng (via


Eddie Peng (via


Eddie Peng (via


And if there’s anything that I have learnt about Charming Eddie, it’s that he is super hilarious and super hot!  If you care, do watch him on this Taiwanese cooking show:

(I should warn you though that the entire video is in Mandarin without English subtitles but watch anyway just cos he’s so adorable.)

And so, this is really my top tip on getting through a rut and I am perfectly certain that this tip won’t solve any of your worldly problems but it will most definitely put a smile to your face.

So go google, then go ogle, and let me know who your top Charmings are (I promise I won’t steal)!



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