What Happens When Your Friend is Clueless About Pocket Tees

So just today, my superhero friends and I went on a shopping spree.

There was:

1. My Hunky but Harmless Friend – The Hulk

Hulk Chibi (via cavaferdi.deviantart.com)

(via cavaferdi.deviantart.com)

2. My Sarcastic Friend with No Real Skills – Black Widow

Black Widow Chibi (via cavaferdi.deviantart.com)

(via cavaferdi.deviantart.com)

3. My Super Friend Who Can Do Anything – Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Chibi (via keitenstudio.deviantart.com)

(via keitenstudio.deviantart.com)

So we were just walking around, three girls and a guy, and we (ok, really just me) spotted some really cool shirts that we thought would be awesome for The Hulk.

Ok, so I am crazy about pocket tees, and I really mean crazeeeeeeeee…  7.5 pieces out of 8 of my clothing have pockets on / in them.   Let me just give you a few examples to show you how awesome pocket tees are:

You can have a floral pocket if you’re feeling a bit romantic.

Floral Pocket Tee (via bambeestore.com)

(via bambeestore.com)

 A pocket with cats if you are an animal lover.

Cats Pocket Tee (via bambeestore.com)

(via bambeestore.com)

 A Star Wars pocket if you are a closet geek.

Star Wars Pocket Tee (via bambeestore.com)

(via bambeestore.com)

A Batman pocket if you are a dark knight.

Batman Pocket Tee (via bambeestore.com)

(via bambeestore.com)

 An Avengers pocket if you, like me, have many superhero friends.

Avengers Pocket Tee (via sogeekchic.com)

(via sogeekchic.com)

Ok, you get my point.

So we saw a bunch of pocket tees and we thought The Hulk would look crazeeeeeeeee good in them cos of his bulging muscles.  And the conversation went something like this:

Wonder Woman: The Hulk, would you wear something like that? <points to pocket tees>

The Hulk: But you can’t put anything into the pockets.

<blank stares from all three girls>

Black Widow: What do you want to put in that pocket?  A hamster??!!

Me: If he puts a hamster in there, he would have a throbbing nipple!!

It actually sounded a lot less lame and way funnier at that time but my point is how can anyone not love pocket tees??  I for one am a HUGE fan!!

To end this random post, may I present you my favourite pocket tee (it’s really more a dress).

Draw Straws Pocket Dress (via threadless.com)

(via threadless.com)

As well as a super cool video on making your own pocket tee!!




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